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Brittany… the Celtic homeland of France:

Enchanting villages and market towns, a place of myths, art and Celtic music and warm and genuine people.

Many of Brittany's charms, its water sports, golf courses and wonderful stretches of cycle paths are easily accessible from BOTH the cozy cottage at Guemene sur Scorff or the KerDavid farmhouse, at very reasonable rates for the High, Mid and Low holiday season.


Magical Breton Music

France is a land alive with festivals and music. Brittany's Celtic roots go back 1000 years. Through July and August the biggest Inter-Celtic Festival in the world takes place in Lorient.
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The Festival stages all types of Celtic music, from age-old songs to folk, rock, jazz and even including symphonies and pipe bands. The concept of mixing regional culture with international Celtic music, multi-media, visual arts, dance, history, literature, the making of stringed instruments etc, make it a unique experience.

The 2009 Festival Interceltique will be held from 31st July - 9 August, 2009 at over 20 different show venues spread throughout the town, involving 4500 musicians, singers, dancers, visual artists, academics and film makers, from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Galicia, the Asturias, Brittany, the USA, Canada, Australia, etc...

For more info visit: www.festival-interceltique.com/index_en.php
For a map of Lorient please click here.

Music & Dance Traditions - called Pardons and Fest Noz

The people of Brittany celebrate their past with traditional Breton dances and Breton costumes at dates throughout the year, depending on the location. Visit the local Tourist office to fond out what's on in your area.

Pardon festivals

A pardon is a religious festival in honour of a Patron Saint and is held once a year at the local church. Sometimes it involves the whole parish and many churches. These processions have been going on since the middle ages and before in Brittany and usually involve singing, and carrying the colorful banners of the church.

Fest Noz festivals

A fest-noz involves much food and drink, and above all music and dancing and is sometimes held in conjunction with a Pardon. All kinds of Breton and other celtic music can be heard, from very traditional singers and instrumentalists, to younger bands with rock or jazz influences. Traditional Breton dancing done in a circle (or many circles) can last late into the night.

Visit http://whatson.brittanytourism.com/festive-brittany/fest-noz-fest-deiz for more information