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Brittany… the Celtic homeland of France:

Enchanting villages and market towns, a place of myths, art and Celtic music and warm and genuine people.

Many of Brittany's charms, its water sports, golf courses and wonderful stretches of cycle paths are easily accessible from BOTH the cozy cottage at Guemene sur Scorff or the KerDavid farmhouse, at very reasonable rates for the High, Mid and Low holiday season.


Breton Gastronomy - like no other!

Some would say that Brittany is the seafood ‘capital’ of Europe with nearly 1000 kilometres of coastline and a multitude of fishing ports to harvest the local specialty. Breton gastronomy rests heavily on freshly harvested clams, mussels, scallops, lobster particularly from the north coast of the region, oysters from the east coast are famous, winkles, crab and prawns as well as a wide variety of fresh local fish.

Bretons have been heard to claim that the Crepe is their invention. Crępes usually have sweet fillings and Galettes savoury. The main difference resides in the composition of the batter. The Galette is prepared using buckwheat. These are savoury pancakes garnished with ham, cheese and mushrooms.

The Crepe is often filled with apples or the fruit of the season.

The Breton Far is a flan based on eggs and milk or rum or plum liqueur or Breton cider can be added to the batter. Kouign-amann, another traditional favourite gateau is called “Butter Cake” because it is made from salt-butter risen dough.

Brittany also produces a large amount of France’s vegetables - 65% of French artichokes are grown in Brittany, 70% of cauliflowers, 70% of shallots and 33% of spinach and some of the very best pork. Local sausage making is fiercely regional and competitive with the famous Guemene Andouille winning international awards.

Breton Drinks:
The most popular drink in Brittany is cider and it is offered as a standard accompaniment in most restaurants. Cider can be sparkling, traditional, dry or sweet. Consumed ice cold and in a specially cooled earthenware bowl, the flavour varies depending on the area and cider maker.

A strong beer brewing tradition in Brittany can trace its roots back to the XVII century. Young artisan brewers, are keeping a wide variety of beer types alive - Coreff de Morlaix, Lancelot, the buckwheat beer Telenn Du and the wheat beer Blanche Hermine.

The very popular aperitif Pommeau is made by combining sweet cider from the early part of its fermentation with apple brandy, in the proportions 2/3 to 1/3 resulting in a golden hue and with honey and flowery notes.

One of Brittany’s best kept secrets is the selection and quality of it’s Whiskeys. The climate, water source and secret recipes make for product that would offer quite a challenge to other Whiskey producing countries.